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Meet the Awardee: Rachel Thomas

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Rachel Thomas isn’t going to the gym these days, but she’s still exercising regularly.

She uses her Spirit Club Foundation scholarship to access both live and recorded fitness programs to work out with SPIRIT Club trainers at least four times a week. She enjoys strength and cardio, yoga, and any of trainer Abby Francis’ workouts.

This commitment has earned her the Outstanding Dedication: Virtual Workouts Awards from Spirit Club Foundation, which will be awarded during a ceremony at the foundation’s annual Fitness Festival on October 3. Rachel said she feels happy to be recognized for the work she has done from home.

“Virtual programs provide people with disabilities opportunities for classes and activities from anywhere,” said Andrea Thomas, Rachel’s mom. Andrea is also a fitness enthusiast and sometimes joins Rachel’s workouts.

Rachel has always been active. While growing up she participated in ice skating, skiing, bowling, snow tubing, running, swimming, and horseback riding.

In addition to working out at SPIRIT Club, she enjoys horseback riding lessons each week, virtual classes with ZamDance, and Prince George's Community Resources virtual exercise program. She also enjoys going on walks several times each week and is looking forward to rejoining Upcounty Community Resources' walking program.

Because her health puts her at higher risk if she contracts COVID-19, Rachel won’t be ready to return to in person exercise until her doctor gives an all clear. In the meantime, she has a library of on demand workouts to choose from plus a new live class daily.

The award ceremony honoring Rachel will begin at 2:00 p.m. at SPIRIT Club in Kensington.

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