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In 2013, Jared Ciner founded SPIRIT Club, a for-profit gym that offers a universal design for fitness that empowers people of all abilities to exercise successfully in a socially integrated setting. 


Two years later, Jared teamed up with Steve Allen to launch Spirit Club Foundation, a non-profit that provides financial assistance so that people with disabilities can access programs to achieve their fitness goals.

Steve served as the founding executive director and, under his five-year tenure,

Spirit Club Foundation:

  • provided more than 750 scholarships

  • purchased equipment

  • provided financial assistance with transportation to and from gyms

  • funded training and certifications for health and fitness professionals

  • awarded the achievements of athletes and those who support them

  • provided technology grants to help people connect to virtual fitness during the COVID-19 pandemic

Bethany Keener became the executive director when Steve retired in the fall of 2020.