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Meet the Awardees: Nazir & Jashon

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

A basketball drops through the net.
Stephen Barker | Unsplash

Each year Spirit Club Foundation recognizes the outstanding work of scholarship and grant recipients at its Fitness Festival.

This year the award for Outstanding Dedication: In-person Workouts goes to brothers Nazir* (16) and Jashon* (10).

The pair use their Spirit Club Foundation scholarships to work out with SPIRIT Club trainer Kristian Bain several times a week. Kristian meets them at their home and they spend an hour together playing basketball, hiking, playing on the playground, or learning how to use equipment at the gym.

Between the pandemic and a family crisis, Nazir and Jashon have gone through a lot in the past year. But they never miss a chance to work out with Kristian, who has provided guidance on physical fitness and has been like a big brother to the boys.

“Given their circumstances, they have overcome so much and I am proud of their accumulating achievements,” said Claudia*, the boys’ aunt.

Since receiving their scholarships and starting to exercise regularly Jashon has lost 32 pounds, and Nazir reports he feels stronger. Their aunt Dorothy* said in addition to increased physical health, the exercise has helped them relieve stress.

“Thank you for recognizing their dedication and hard work,” Claudia said. “It has truly been a great experience for them and we have seen the impact on their day-to-day lives.”

The award ceremony honoring Nazir and Jashon will begin at 2:00 p.m. at SPIRIT Club in Kensington.

*Last names omitted to protect privacy.

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