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Fitness Feature: Mary Beth Coffin

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

I have been part of SPIRIT Club for over seven years. I really enjoy meeting my old friends from Jubilee when I take in-person classes, and my favorite virtual class is the interactive class where I can see everyone and they can see me.

Balance and strength classes help me the most. I also have participated in cooking classes. I love to eat and SPIRIT Club classes help me maintain my healthy weight. I also walk two miles on my treadmill every day.

I'm approaching my 50th birthday this summer and I feel physically fit and healthy!

SPIRIT Club has helped me have a structure to my day. Before COVID I volunteered at nursing homes and assisted living residences each morning. They are still not letting volunteers return. I participate in four virtual sessions and two in-person sessions each week. They are on my weekly calendar and it gives focus and purpose to my day. My Spirit Club Foundation scholarship helps me to participate in all these classes!

Outside of SPIRIT Club I enjoy movies, bowling, kayaking, and eating out. I also take a Zumba class with the Montgomery County Recreation Department. I spend time with my sister, who lives in Kensington, and my nieces and nephews. I also visit my brother in Annapolis. I look forward to our family beach trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina each summer.

Watch: Mary Beth works out at SPIRIT Club

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