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Jared Ciner Highlighted by Good People Fund

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Jared Ciner smiles at the camera with fists raised in a boxing stance.
The Good People Fund supports Spirit Club Foundation's scholarship program and recently featured SPIRIT Club founder Jared Ciner in their 2021 Annual Report.

THEY EACH MAKE IMPACT IN DISPARATE spheres, but they’re united in objective … ending isolation and its toll on quality of life and health within vulnerable populations.

Jared Ciner, Founder of SPIRIT Club, works with individuals with physical and mental challenges, giving them access to fitness and socialization programs at a gym in the Baltimore-DC region.

Irene Zola, Founder of LiLY — Lifeforce in Later Years, engages seniors aging at home in NYC, seeing that they have social visits, lending a watchful eye, and more. When physical distancing became the norm, both moved to guarantee continuity of their missions. Technology took them to new levels of impact, and those they serve to even more connectedness.

“We tried what we thought impossible: equipping older and most vulnerable seniors with technology and know-how so they could reap the benefits of togetherness,” says Irene.

“Now, a multitude of those attending LiLY Zoom groups and events have built on new social connections made possible

on devices.”

And Jared describes how SPIRIT Club — through strategic use of technology — brought programming and sense of community beyond its four walls, and also allowed it to share its model around the world.

“My mind is blown by the number of new and unexpected connections,” he says.

“We’ve gone from a localized program to sharing SPIRIT Club with over 4,500 people in the US, Canada and Israel. Our next stage is taking advantage of the incredible connections made virtually, and establishing in-person presences to strengthen partnerships and relationships.”

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