As funds are available, Spirit Club Foundation offers small grants to help organizations fund exercise programs for people who have disabilities.

In 2020, SCF awarded the following grants to help nearly 150 people connect to virtual exercise programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Ardmore Enterprises received 13 HDMI cables to connect households to virtual exercise.

  • Hispanic Community Resources received 8 tablets and a grant for weekly exercise classes for 10 families.

  • Ivymount School received a grant to provide weekly fitness classes for 10 high school students.

  • KEEN (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now) Greater DC Baltimore received a grant to provide virtual yoga weekly for 80 youngsters.

  • MOCO Movement Center received 10 tablets to help kids connect to therapy.

  • OurCare, Inc. received a grant for 12 people to attend 11 group classes. 

  • Sunrise Community of Maryland received a grant for 12 people to attend 8 group classes




Thanks to a generous donor, Spirit Club Foundation was able to expand its grant program in Prince George’s County, Maryland, in 2021. This three-year grant is designed to make exercise more accessible to people of all ages who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

A total of nine organizations are recipients of this grant:

  • EBED

  • EPIC

  • Hands of Hope

  • Hispanic Community Resources (HCR)

  • Impact Support Services, Inc.

  • National Children’s Center (NCC)

  • Our Care

  • Prince George’s Community Resources (PGCR)

  • Renoxx Caregivers


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