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Truman Charities Podcast: Spirit Club Foundation

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Jamie Truman of The Truman Charities Podcast: A Community of Caring sat down with Spirit Club Foundation executive director Bethany Keener talk about the foundation's work.

The interview highlights the Foundation's mission to make fitness accessible to people with disabilities through grants and scholarships.

Bethany also shared about how she became involved in the disability field nearly two decades ago.

"When I was in my early twenties I took a volunteer position as a live in caregiver for two men who had intellectual disabilities," she said. "That was my first experience in the disability field and it really changed the course of my life."

She speaks about the barriers people with disabilities face when trying to access fitness programs and how the Foundation is working to eliminate those barriers.

"People with intellectual and developmental disabilities have so much to offer community, but they're often overlooked or left behind. My work at Spirit Club Foundation is a way to say to them and to their families that their lives are valuable and worth investing in."

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